Galveston/Houston Lawyer to Moderate ABA Teleconference


Personal injury claims relating to asbestos have cost billions of dollars over the last 40 years and still threaten to choke state and federal court systems decades after problems were first identified. Possible solutions to this issue will be discussed on September 20 during “Sidestepping the Asbestos Abyss,” a teleconference conducted by the American Bar Association.

James L. Ware of Sheehy, Ware & Pappas, P.C. will be one of the lead attorneys participating in the teleconference, which will focus on analyzing the problems facing asbestos litigation, assessing the proposals to address those problems and their chances of success and explaining what it all means for individual clients who have asbestos-related claims.

“Many people view asbestos as a problem of the distant past, but it remains a critical issue for the legal system today,” Ware said. “In this teleconference, we will critique various solutions for the situation and provide some guidance as to how the matter is likely to evolve over time.”

Senator Arlen Specter has proposed the establishment of a $140 billion asbestos trust fund administered by the federal government and funded by companies currently facing ongoiing asbestos claims and their insurance companies.

“While I believe that comprehensive federal legislation regarding asbestos is unlikely to pass, the proposals under discussion can provide valuable insights for states, which are who, I believe, will ultimately be the most effective players in managing the flow of asbestos cases,” Ware said.

JAMES L. “JIM” WARE is a shareholder in the Houston and Galveston, Texas law firm of Sheehy, Ware & Pappas, P.C., a general litigation firm, and in which Mr. Ware focuses his practice in personal injury, environmental, products and general commercial litigation. He serves as Notice Counsel and as a member of the Defense Steering Committee for the Texas Silica MDL, National Coordinating Counsel for a company involved in products litigation in several states, and has tried numerous cases involving asbestos, welding fumes, silica, breast implants, FELA actions, contract, oil and gas, real estate and other types of litigation. He frequently speaks at continuing legal education, professional, and in house seminars.

Other participants in the teleconference will include Kevin McDermott and Ronald Peresich.

“Sidestepping the Asbestos Abyss” will take place at 1 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, September 20.