SWPPC – Houston and Galveston Law Firm

Sheehy, Ware & Pappas, P.C. is a Houston law firm committed to excellence in the representation of our clients in the judicial and administrative systems. Our primary and compelling duty is to present and advocate the position of the client before the court, jury, or administrative body in a manner consistent with the bounds of the adversary process and professional ethics bestowed upon us as attorneys. We direct our efforts toward achieving favorable judgment or reasonable settlements by preparing each case according to the client’s instructions and cost analyses. We understand that the client is the principal, and that our primary duty is to provide accurate, ethical and professional advice so a client can make reasoned decisions about the ultimate resolution of the case. We also recognize our duty to the community at large to develop legal precedent consistent with the highest standards and principles represented by a Galveston or Houston lawyer. The Firm recognizes its duty to provide quality legal representation at a reasonable cost to each and every one of its clients. The Firm will, in the years ahead, commit the necessary resources to represent its clients consistent with the highest professional and ethical standards. Need legal advising? Contact a Houston or Galveston lawyer.